• Agent Proxy Support

    You can now set HTTPS_PROXY environment parameter to use a secure proxy.

    Example to send everything through a http and https proxy (proxy server used here is mitmproxy):

    http_proxy= HTTPS_PROXY= ./sysward

    lower case http_proxy must be used for apt to pick it up (HTTP_PROXY) does not work. If you need proxy support we suggest putting these at the top of your crontab file where other environment variables are stored.

  • Changelog: 2015-03-20

    • Agent now supports HTTPS proxying
  • Changelog: 2015-03-18

    • Fix UI bug where scrollbar would show up when no content was scrollable
    • Adjust ‘dead agent’ timeout to 10 minutes
    • Agent history is now searchable
  • Changelog: 2015-03-17

    • UI improvements and better failed jobs page
    • Preserve ordering and sorting when upgrading a package
  • Changelog: 2015-02-26

    • New feature: Packages page gives package overview for all systems
  • Changelog: 2015-02-09

    • Fix display issues with Ubuntu/CentOS icons on dashboard
    • Fix ordering on pricing page
  • Changelog: 2015-01-24

    • PayPal is now a supported payment method
  • New Features Sorting Exporting Timezones Bulk Canceling And Organizations


    You can now sort your agent list by pending regular or pending security updates.


    The agent list can be exported to a CSV, which will include hostname, group, update counts, IP addresses, CPU information, memory, version, and the last time it checked in.


    Users can now set their timezone to get reporting data relative to where they are now.

    Bulk Cancelling

    If you queue up a bunch of jobs and need to cancel them, you can now click “Cancel All” instead of individually clicking each one.


    This was a big feature released a few weeks ago. You can now invite users to your organization so they can access the UI. Users are sent an email with a temporary password to login with. There is no limit on the amount of users your organization can invite.

    Are you interested in keep your Ubuntu sytems securely patched?

    Head on over to SysWard and try out our patch management system for free!

  • Changelog: 2014-12-23

    • Performance improvements to the agent API
    • Performance improvements to the dashboard
  • Changelog: 2014-10-24

    • Users can now set their timezone
    • Agent list can now be exported as a CSV
    • Added sorting to security/regular update counts on agent list
    • CentOS/RHEL are now both supported

    • CentOS/RHEL are now both supported

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