• Changelog: 2015-09-27

    • Performance improvements on agent checkin (before: 150ms average, after: 5ms)

    • Bug fix that was causing agent to hang on spotty connections and never finish running

    • OpenSUSE and SUSE are now supported operating systems

  • Changelog: 2015-09-10

    • SUSE and OpenSUSE support added
  • New Design

    We’ve redesigned the dashboard to make everything easier to get to and more easily understood with large amounts of servers.

  • Changelog: 2015-05-17

    • New design released with UI and overview improvements
    • Custom hostnames can now be set for display within the UI
    • User auditing to track who has done what in the control panel

    • Support for more operating systems, now including: CentOS 6 & 7, Ubuntu 12 & 14, Debian 6 & 7

    • HTTP and HTTPS Proxy Support ( read more: http://blog.sysward.com/2015/03/agent-proxy-support/ )

  • Changelog: 2015-05-07

    • Fix small spelling error
    • Add loading indicator to packages page
  • User Auditing

    Organization admins can now view an audit history for users.

    Example audit page:

  • Changelog: 2015-04-22

    • New feature: User auditing released
  • Changelog: 2015-03-30

    • Improvements to auditing to log when packages are held
  • Custom Hostnames And Sorting By Os Last Check In Group

    You can now sort by the Last checkin, group, and OS columns on the agent listing.

    You can also now add custom hostnames.

    To do so simply click anywhere in the hostname row/column for that server, enter a hostname in the form, and hit enter. The original hostname from the OS will still appear below in small text, but the main (larger linked name) will be your custom hostname. To clear it out, simply repeat these steps and clear out the input form.

  • Changelog: 2015-03-29

    • Add support for group, os, and checkin sorting
    • Custom hostnames can now be set by just clicking on the agent hostname
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